GETRAND Ltda makes a series of studies in the electricity sector, both generators and large industrial customers. Today the main customers are companies developing projects that require connecting to the transmission system and require connection to study the feasibility of their projects. In addition to these studies connecting electric GETRAND conducts studies, market economy, and engineering. This has led to GETRAND to conduct studies in Chile and abroad. The studies we offer can be divided into four:

These studies are economic / regulatory environment in the electricity sector. These studies are the estimation and projection of marginal costs, toll estimate, firm power estimation, estimation of clean energy attributes, tariff studies the transmission or subtransmission sector analysis of regulatory proposals in the electricity sector, to develop discrepancies the panel of experts, etc.

These studies are estimating operating costs, estimated operating costs of power plants, power stations project evaluation and transmission systems, investment planning studies for generating transmission system or central power system.

These studies relate to electrical engineering studies that seek to determine the impact of a connection to the system (generation, transmission and consumption). They are also used to gauge potential projects in the electricity sector. These studies are the pre-feasibility studies connection, impact studies for the connection (power flows, short, dynamic stability), impact studies electrical substations such as bar capacity studies, saturation studies TTCC studies ground grid capacity, ancillary services studies, studies coordination and adjustment of protection, insulation coordination, etc.

These studies are divided into two types, which can be separated into Conceptual Engineering or profile” of an electric transmission project, or electric generation project. Furthermore, said electrical conceptual studies, GETRAND perform basic engineering of the project, with which can develop the bidding and advise the client during this phase, implementation and commissioning of the project.