GETRAND has made a wide number of studies, among which are:

Tolls study SolarReserve
Javiera Connection Feasibility Study
Pre-feasibility study Délano Connection
Pre-feasibility study of Maria Elena Connection
Pre-feasibility study Kelar Connection
Pre-feasibility study of Chiloe Wind Connection
Pre-feasibility study Quillapalum Connection
Austrian Connection Feasibility Study Solar
Connection Feasibility Study PMGD Limache
Economic Assessment study PMGD hydro Negrete
PV Connection Feasibility Study SING (S / E Parinacota)
Study of Electrical EMELDA: Capability Study Barra, short circuit study, Study Protection Coordination.
Systemic Impact Studies Javiera: power flows, short, Dynamic Stability.
Systemic Impact Studies Délano: Flows of Power, short, Dynamic Stability.
Studies of Electrical S / E Rica Adventure: Power Flow, Short Circuit, Dynamic Stability, Coordination of insulation.
Economic evaluation HidroAysén

Tolls study Alena
Tolls study Azapa
Tolls study Ckani
Tolls study San Manuel
Analysis subtransmission tariffs
Tolls study, Attributes, CMG, power plants Sign Acciona.
Tolls study for EPA headquarters.
CSP study Copiapo and Diego de Almagro
CSP study Tamarugal
CSP Study Meeting
Finding study Clean Energy Certificates (Mexico).
Feasibility Study PMGD connection Illapel
Pre-Feasibility Study and Impact PMGD connection Norte Chico
Pre-Feasibility Study and Impact of High Raki
Connection Feasibility Study Ovalle area
Feasibility Study Rajo Inca connection
Connection Feasibility Study and Conceptual Engineering bells Vallenar
Feasibility Study Illapel 2
Feasibility Study Polpaico
Review study Pedernales connection